Fanatic announced the signing of 2 more big young talents to their International Windsurfing Team 2011: Slalom racer Pierre Mortefon (FRA-14) from France and freestyle talent Deivis Paternina Teran (V-04) from Venezuela. It´s nice to see that Fanatic invests in young fresh teamriders.

Craig Gertenbach, Fanatic Brand Manager, commented the change:
“We are very proud to welcome Pierre into the International Team. He had an impressive 2010 season, with winning the prestigious Defi Wind event in France, as well as delivering excellent results on the PWA tour. We expect 2011 to be an even better one for Pierre, he has already shown that he has the talent, confidence and speed to take him to the top of the PWA rankings. El Yaque is the birthplace of Fanatic most successful team rider in history, Gollito Estredo, our 4 times PWA Freestyle World Champion. So it´s no surprise to see Deivis following in his friend and mentor´s footsteps onto the international Freestyle scene. We are really happy to welcome young Deivis onto the Fanatic International team, for 2011 he will be competing in selected PWA events, as well as continuing his work with Planet Allsports El Yaque, who supported him right from the start. Good luck to Deivis and Gollito for the 2011 season.”

Pierre Mortefon made it into the international Fanatic team (Pic: Fanatic).

Pierre Mortefon (FRA-14): “To be part of the fanatic international team is really great for me. When you are young, it’s not easy that a big brand like Fanatic puts confidence in you and it feels very good for me to have the support of this big brand. When you look at the Fanatic team, it’s amazing: 2 PWA World Champions with Victor and Gollito and many more top guys. The constant work on Freestyle and Wave R&D for sure pushed the brand to the top and now my objective is to follow the same way in Slalom with good equipment and a positive feeling with the whole Fanatic team.”

Deivis Paternina Teran (V-04): “I am very happy to be part of the Fanatic International Team with two of the best windsurfers in the world (maybe the best): Gollito and Victor. Both are World Champions and I am very proud to be in the same team now with them!”

Deivis Paternina Teran will try to follow Golllito Estredo (Pic: Tom Brendt).

BIO/INFORMATION: Pierre Mortefon (FRA-14)

Sail Number: FRA-14

Birthday: 08.05.89

Country: France Favourite discipline: Slalom

Best results:
-Winner of the Defi Wind Slalom Race France 2010

-PWA Slalom Youth Champion 2010

-Winner of the French Final Tour 2009

-3rd Overall French Championships 2009

-Junior French Champion, Kid French Champion

Favourite spot: La Vieille Nouvelle/France Favourite

Fanatic board: All Falcon Slaloms

Favourite manoeuvre: Stalled Frontloop

How I started windsurfing: When I was a child I did sailing competitions with a little boat, but where I live the conditions are often very strong and not good for sailing and I was quickly too tall. I always saw some guys practicing windsurfing at the same spot. One day, I tried and I catched the virus immediatly!

Best windsurfing day in my life: My first PWA winners final, which I had in Turkey.

Other sponsors besides Fanatic: North Sails, ION, Deboichet, Port la nouvelle

My Goals: Climbing the stairs one by one in the world tour.

My Slogan: Ever and ever going over again!

BIO/INFORMATION: Deivis Paternina Teran (V-04)

How I started windsurfing: I was helping out at the Planet Allsports Center in El Yaque and sat down close, when Tom Brendt held his clinics and listened anything about Windsurfing. I just wanted to start right away and so I did…

Best windsurfing day in my life: I know exactly. It was the 3rd of April 2010 in the El Yaque Lagoon. That day just anything I practiced worked perfect the entire day, It was such a great feeling!.

Other sponsors besides Fanatic: North Sails, Planet Allsports

My Goals: I would like to finish the 2011 PWA season in the Top 8 and I am training to fight for the world title one day!

My Slogan: Querer is poder (if you really want, you can do anything)

Craig with Deivis and Gollito (Pic: Carter/PWAworldtour).

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