Fanatic has released their 2015 Freeride & Beginner Collection.  “We are happy to announce that our new Fanatic Freeride & Beginner Collection of the second Product Launching Cycle 2015 is online. Our Freeride range is shining with new hot graphics! A contemporary mix of trendy colour, inspired by the demands of an increasingly youthful market.” Fanatic Marketing



Alice Freeride Fanatic 2015

Alice Freeride Fanatic 2015



Four new shapes (120, 133, 146, 156+) are added to the Gecko line, taking inspiration from our test legend, the Shark. The additional length in these larger sizes complements the Gecko’s wide, thin concept providing great balance and stability. The ultimate in Freemove versatility for a modern Funboard, the wide, compact outline triggers early planing, while the evenly distributed volume ensures you have “just the right” amount of board so you could in fact ride a smaller size than you normally would. The flatter deck transitions into thinned out rails offering stability and the ability to dig deep into your carving manoeuvres.


Fanatic Gecko 2015 in action

Fanatic Gecko 2015 in action



2015 sees your freedom to Freeride enhanced through fresh designs and modifications. The Hawk range has had a complete design overhaul and has three exciting new shapes (99, 113, 124) available in two different constructions, Bamboo and LTD. The parallel CAD outline and redefined rail shape provides ultimate comfort and control, whilst maintaining speed and optimum grip through your turns. The Hawk offers extra high performance through top speeds and manoeuvrability, holding a firm place in the “dream quiver”.


Victor Fernandez on a Fanatic Hawk 2015

Matteo Iachino on a Fanatic Hawk 2015


Viper Air

2015 sees the new Viper Air joining the inflatable range. Without a doubt the most desirable inflatable WindSUP ever it offers great all-round manoeuvrability and is the ideal Funboard for new Windsurf enthusiasts, schools and clubs. Our Bravo SUP3 Double Action Pump makes sure optimum pressure, stiffness and rigidity are supplied. Rolled up in our premium red backpack, the Viper Air is the ultimate fun package.


Victor tests a Fanatic Air 2015

Victor tests a Fanatic Viper Air 2015


Viper & Ripper

Our proven shapes for up-and-coming younger sailors and progressing novices remain the same. Those well-recognized Viper and Ripper shapes are appreciated by instructors and their students. If spreading the joy of Windsurfing is one of your dreams, then be sure to have a Viper in your quiver. The Ripper is the perfect board to pass on the love of Windsurfing to the next generation.


Fanatic Viper Air product teaser



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