The new 2014 Fanatic Wave/Freestyleboards Quad TE, TriWave TE, FreeWave and Skate of the first Product Launching Cycle 2014 are now online on! Most of the Fanatic riders were using the 2014 boards at the PWA event in Pozo Izquierdo already and the Freestylers Gollito Estredo, Max Rowe, Max Matissek, Mattia Fabrizi, Maxime van Gent, Yoli de Brendt and Adi Beholz compete on the 2014 models at Sotavento, Fuerteventura.

2014 Product Highlights

Quad TE:

Designed to operate at maximum performance close to the curl, the Quad has been tuned up even more. A new scoop rocker line with a reduced concave/double concave bottom shape, plus the wider center with a flatter deck, offers simple stability combined with the snappiest of turns. An early planing, easy-to-use board – designed for radical wave action. The 2014 Quad is available in 5 sizes from 69 to 101 liters in Innegra Carbon Light Technology (double and single).


TriWave TE:

The TriWave is completely redesigned for 2014, each of the six sizes features a tuned-up shape that begins with an overall wider and more compact outline. Super-easy, and user-friendly. This is the board for all-around wave conditions. The 2014 TriWave is available in 6 sizes from 69 to 103 liters in Innegra Carbon Light Technology (double and single).



The Fanatic flagship FreeWave range has some of the most popular and loved boards on the market. The task was to introduce a new board that´s even better, available in 3 technologies: TXTR, TE & CWS. All new FreeWave TE or TeXtreme´s can be used as a Thruster or a Single fin for best performance. The 2014 FreeWave is available in 5 sizes from 76 to 116 liters in Innegra Carbon Light Technology (double and single), in Custom Wood Sandwich Light Technology (CWS/LF) and Textreme® Innegra Carbon Light Finish Technology (TXTR IC / LF).



To guarantee Gollito’s quiver is never lacking, we’ve built 4 brand new shapes of the Skate TE, including two models on the small side of the range. For Freestyle newbies, those practicing classic and carving moves and even small wave use we’ve kept the test-winning 100 and 110 models which are slightly longer and forgiving for Freestyle fun at any level, available in economic Biax Glass Sandwich Light technology only. The Skate is available in 4 sizes from 85 up to 111 liters. The BGS version in 100 and 110 liters.


Product Teasers:

Check out all new product teaser. You can choose your quality at the player up to 1080 HD.

Fanatic Wave/Freestyle Team-Action on Maui with Waveriders Klaas Voget, Victor Fernandez, Nik Baker, Nayra Alonso, Olivia Piana, Alice & Arthur Arutkin, Peter Volwater as well as Freestylers Gollito Estredo & Max Rowe. A clip by Carl Nyberg Productions.


Fanatic Wave Collection 2014 – Videos


Fanatic Team Webisode 2014: 


Fanatic Quad 2014:

Fanatic Skate 2014:


Fanatic FreeWave 2014:


Fanatic will introduce the 2014 Freeride/Race Collection on October 1st 2013, the actual 2013 Freerideboards and Raceboards will stay in line until then.