Fanatic released their new 2013 Wave & Freestyle products. Watch the fresh Egypt Freestyle clip filmed by Andre Paskowski/edited by Carl Nyberg starring Yoli de Brendt, Laure Treboux, Gollito Estredo and Max Rowe with the freestyle Skate 2013 in action.  

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The freshly updated Fanatic website with several 2013 products.





Source: Fanatic

Fanatic wave /freestyle product highlights in 2013:


– Quad: The 2nd incarnation of our dedicated Quad range will boost your Wavesailing to a different zone. 6 stylish pintail shapes suit any level of wavesailor in either steep or sloppy surf. Pick from 69, 75, 81, 87, 94 and 101 models in awesome Innegra Carbon Light Team Editions (TE).
TriWave: Our newest addition came with a massive challenge for the R&D team – better the proven Twin and Single Fin ranges for a board to work at any spot in the world. Speedy, smooth carving rails bite perfectly for maximum control. Choose either a 3 fin cluster developed exclusively by world-renowned Maui Fin Company or fit the SlotBox cover supplied to ride in single fin mode.
– FreeWave/TE/TeXtreme®: Shaper Sebastian Wenzel’s perfected a range of smooth-sailing compact styles, now upgraded with thruster fin setups for extra wave performance! The optimum blend of speed and carving, slashing and sliding make these our most versatile shapes. For 2013 we’re offering 3 constructions: Custom Wood Sandwich Light, Innegra Carbon Light (TE) and super exclusive TeXtreme®.
– Skate/TE: The thoroughbred Skate Team Edition (TE) line’s proven itself with 4 World Titles and dozens of global test wins. Born for the PWA Big Moves format these 3 short shapes are perfect for double, triple and even more rotations with early-planning power to boost you up-to-speed between tricks. For 2013 Innegra replaces Kevlar as a lighter, stiffer and more UV resistant laminate in the 89, 99, 109 sizes. This season we also re-launched two familiar favourites – the test-winning 100 and 110 models. Now available in Biax Glass Sandwich construction they’re slightly longer and forgiving for freestyle fun at any level – perfect for newcomers, classic and carving moves and even small wave use.

Fanatic will introduce the 2013 Freeride/Race Windsurfboards on October 1st 2012. Race products 2013 (Falcon/Ray) will be introduced worldwide on 01.10.2012.