The best three freestyle windsurfers from Estonia Christofer Kalk, Tony Mõttus and Sten Aava are already known for their nice videos. Here is their new video, which covers the period from June to December. Enjoy!
Tony Mõttus: “In the beginning of June we started our trip on Fuerteventura and we stayed there for 3 months. We had a great time, sailed almost everyday and we took part at the PWA competiton. The next 3 months we were in Egypt and again we enjoyed our time:) Remarkably we lived in the deserted place called Blue Lagoon for 2,5 months. People usually visit this place for some days but we had another experience. It was a dream for us to live like that and now we are changed guys but in a good way:) It was a perfect year and hopefully next year will be the same. After some resting time at home we plan to travel to Vietnam and train for the first PWA competition!”