No wind at day 1 and 2 of the EFPT Aqualeto Cup 2013 in Russia

For the first time Eysk, Russia has an international Freestyle event at their beach. Eysk is located at the Sea of Azov and has almost 90.000 inhabitants. Russian Freestyler Vladimir Yakovlev (Rus-99) organized the event and 10.000 € price money for the main event. At the moment the wind is too light to run any competitions. But several other activities like a tow in windsurfing training and a climbing contest already happened. 18 riders have registered for the first tourstop of the EFPT. Several big names are one the list: World Champion Steven van Broeckhoven, Dieter van der Eyken, Adi Beholz, Adam Sims, Rick Jendrusch, Mattia Fabrizi, Yarden Meir or Adam Gavriel. Last year’s tour winner Davy Scheffers did not register for the event. Dieter sent a quick update from Eysk.



Read a quick update by Dieter van der Eyken

After the start of the PWA in Podersdorf  the EFPT also started with their first real freestyle event in the south of Russia, Eysk. On the first 2 days of the event there wasn’t to much wind yet, but there was still good action and some competition going on.

On the first day we saw a climbing competition organised by Different. The fastest climber would win a pair of Different sunglasses. In the end Adam Sims (39sec total) won it after a very very close battle with Adrian Beholz (40sec), who just lost by one second which gave quite some excitement. Afterwards we chilled on the beach and had a little party.


The heatboard for the single elimination (Source: EFPT).

The heatboard for the single elimination (Source: EFPT).


On day 2 we saw a lot of tow in action as the wind still didn’t pick up more. To make it a bit more exciting there was a wakeboard boat to make some ramps. So the riders could go a bit higher which turned out in amazing action with 540° in the air at almost every single run! During the sunset the real show started and everybody went super high with the help of the wakeboard boat again! Steven Van Broeckhoven and Julien Mas decided to go together and went both in the air at the same time which made it even more amazing to watch at (Synchro Move Steven and Julien). All by all it was another great day but everybody is hoping for some wind tomorrow as there is a bit of wind forcasted. Let’s hope we see the real windsurfing action tomorrow and get the first results!

Cheers Dieter


Dieter with a good performance at the tow in training (Pic: Aqua Leto Aqua Leto).

Dieter with a good performance at the tow in training (Pic: Aqua Leto Aqua Leto).


Watch the Russia chronicles from the opening ceremony including a night longboard freestyle session with some Ceasar throw attempts. Quite funny stuff. Julien Mas gave it all!!


Watch the following video to get an impression how the beaches and infrastructure at Eysk look like. There is endless potential for windsurfing and it can be windy!

The video contains several windsurfing scenes. Racing dominates at the moment. Here is the shotlist of the windsurfing scenes of the video:

3:20 I 4:30 I 11:30 I 12:55 I 13:13 I 13:54 I 14:10