The Windsurfing Team (Karin Jaggi, Björn Dunkerbeck, Patrick Diethelm, Sebastian Kördel and Richard Stauffacher) could win the “Best out of 3” event at the Engadinwind 2011, defeating the kitesurfers and sailingboats.  

The single ranking, consisting of the disciplines Speed, Slalom and Racing was won by the German Sebastian Kördel from Ach in front of Patrick Diethelm and Björn Dunkerbeck, who just arrived on time in the Engadin from Alacati, Turkey, where he could win the PWA Slalom worldtitle, his 41th worldtitle.

Pic: Marc van Swoll/Engadinwind

On the final day of the this year´s Engadinwind event, the organisers were looking for the fastest rider on the lake and which team will be the fastest: kitesurfing-, the windsurfing or the sailboat team.

The Windsurfing team with the athletes Karin Jaggi, Björn Dunkerbeck, Patrick Diethelm, Sebastian Kördel and Richard Stauffacher could take the victory after a windy day and a lot of action in all three disciplines. They could collect the most victories in different disciplines, followed by the kitesurfers and sailors.

Björn Dunkerbeck - Pic: Marc van Swoll/Engadinwind



The discipline speed, which took place next to the beach, where the spectators could watch the action quite close, was won by the German top race kiter Dirk Hanel with a top speed of 65 km/h followed by Patrik Diethelm and Björn Dunkerbeck. Both had a topspeed of 63 km/h, which is great due to the fact they were using big gear. Björn was on a 85 cm wide board and a 9,2 m big sail. Karin Jaggi was the fastest lady with a top speed of 52 km/h.

Karin Jaggi - Pic: Marc van Swoll/Engandinwind

Best of 3 competitors - Pic: Marc van Swoll/Engadinwind


Björn Dunkerbeck, who just sailed on the Silvaplana lake one day after he had won the worldtitle in Alacati, took the victory in the Slalom discipline, followed by Sebastian Kördel and Patrik Diethelm. The best Kitesurfer Daniel Ray from Brugg came in fourth on the Slalom course.

In the ladies Karin Jaggi won the Slalom quite tight against 4-times Kite Worldchampion Step Bridge from Great Britain.



In the discipline Racing the winner of the Engadin Surf Marathon 2011 Sebastian Kördel took the victory very close defeating the Moth sailors Matthias Renker and Phillip Käsermann.



The Engadinwind results 2011.