Emi Galindo collected his best footage from a fantastic winter and spring in Cadiz and Gran Canaria. His video “The CADIZ Impromptu” shows how great conditions can get at Europe’s south western coast and in Gran Canaria. Emi, who often works as professional judge at windsurfing events and is interested in many things in life, has great freestyle skills and combines his wave windsurfing with this freestyle elements. The outcome is a fantastic video. Thumbs up for Emi and the whole video team!

“I couldn’t travel during the winter season, so the nature Gods were nice to me and delivered the best winter conditions I ever had at home! Nonstop waves during the all season and a couple windy days every week! Add to the equation a crazy drone pilot following every adventure, and my dear friend Gonzalo filming from the water… and the outcome is this little vid.” Emi Galindo

Emi Galindo rides perfect Atlantic waves with a lot of style in “The CADIZ Impromptu”

Filmed by: Bizarros Channel, María Andrés, Gonzalo de la Brena, Judith Photography