Egypt winter freestylers at Ras Abu Galoom – Video

Jacopo & Matteo Testa, Julien Wiemar, Eilon Wilson & Mohamed Abu Aid had an awesome freestyle session at Ras Abu Galoom. The spot is located at the open sea, 15 kilometers in northern direction from the Blue Lagoon on the eastern side of the Sinai Peninsula at the Gulf of Aqaba.The coast of Saudi Arabia is less than 20 kilometers away and very well visible in the video. The water surface has good rolling waves with excellent ramps. The boys landed Push loops, Forwards or Shifties on the way out. Next to the rocky shore the water is a bit flatter and allowed everyone to land their freestyle moves. Eliran Levi was behind the cam filming the freestyle windsurfing action for the part 2 of “One Falafel For Me”. Part 1 was a video about the Blue Lagoon featuring the same riders.

Radical freestyle windsurfing action from Ras Abu Galoom, Sinai, Egypt featuring Jacopo & Matteo Testa, Julien Wiemar, Eilon Wilson & Mohamed Abu Aid

Produced by Eliran Levi

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