12 riders registered for the 2020 EFPT tow-in event at the “Vanora Engadinwind by Dakine” and travelled to lake Silvaplaner in Switzerland. Two qualification fleets, with six riders respectively, had a total of four runs each over the period of the first two competition days. The highest score out of the four attempts counted and possibly secured a place in the final, where the top six will battle for the podium positions and € 3.000,- prize-money. Running this event with a high number of participants out of numerous countries worldwide was only possible due to a great organisation and a lot of respect for the health safety measures by all the riders, crew and spectators.

The final of the EFPT Tow-in Championship took place on Saturday August 23, 2020 with 6 riders – 3 runs and the best score counting. Antoine Albert from New Caledonia won with an Air Skopu and the highest score of the day 8.5. Close behind in second was 16 year-old German Lennart Neubauer, with an Air Burner Air Funnell with 8.44 points. Amado Vrieswijk from Bonaire finished in third with an Air Burner into Air Funnell and 8.06 points.

EFPT Tow In Championship – Engadinwind 2020 

RESULT EFPT Tow-In Contest 2020 (best out of 3 attempts)

1. Antoine Albert (8.5 points)
2. Lennart Neubauer (8.44 points)
3. Amado Vrieswijk (8.06 points)
4. Yentel Caers (3.94 points)
5. Steven van Broeckhoven (3.50 points)
6. Sarah-Quita Offringa (2.69 points)


Results Tow-in final EFPT Lake Silvaplana 2020

Results Tow-in final EFPT Lake Silvaplana 2020