Amado Vrieswijk wins the EFPT Surf Opening at Neusiedl am See in Austria in front of Jacopo Testa and Yentel Caers. The final day was a windy one. Within 7 hours the race crew managed to finish a full double elimination. First it was Amado Vrieswijk, who won the single elimination in front of Testa and Caers. Right after the single, the double elimination got started and at around 19:30 the final heat of the day, the super final got started because Jacopo won the first final against Amado.

EFPT Austria 2021 – Result Freestyle
1. Amado Vrieswijk
2. Jacopo Testa
3. Yentel Caers
4. Giovanni Passani
5. Adrien Bosson
6. Lennart Neubauer
7. Sam Esteve, Steven van Broeckhoven
9. Felix Volkhardt, Kiri Thode, Lucas Nebelung, Youp Schmidt
13. Julian Wiemar, Marco Vinante, Niclas Nebelung, Valentin Böckler
17. Dieter van der Eyken, Eugenio Marconi, Michi Czech, Paul Simmerl, Taty Frans, Tigo Kort, Tim Gerdes, Tin Greguric
25. Bob Cooke, Constantin Geis, Gabriel Heider, Maurizio Moritz 

EFPT Surf Opening Neusiedl, Austria 2021 – Video Day 4

Check out the official highlight clip by AALVAA Media. Action starts after 2: minutes.