Lennart Neubauer wins the EFPT Surf Opening in Austria 2023 in front of Steven van Broeckhoven and Jacopo Testa. This is his first ever event victory and even more impressive as this is his comeback season after a severe knee injury. 

Lennart managed to defend his first place of the single elimination and showed that he can handle the lighter winds as well. In combination with his 2nd place in Bonaire, he is now leading the tour.

Watch the event highlights from the EFPT Surf Opening in Austria. 

Event Highlight Video – EFPT Surf Opening Austria 2023

Full Result – EFPT Surf Opening in Austria 2023

Freestyle Windsurfing (double elimination / 21 riders)

1. Lennart Neubauer
2. Steven van Broeckhoven
3. Jacopo Testa
4. Sam Esteve
5. Yentel Caers
6. Jamie Howard
7. Youp Schmit, Bodhi Kempen
9. Michi Czech, Tigo Kort, Mathias Vingaard, Nigel Hart
13. Adam Sims, George Grisley, Tim Gerdes, Eugenio Marconi
17. Martin Molenar, Primus Sörling, Andreas Rössler, Oliver Townsend, Emmanouil Crysopoulos

Result Tow-in Synchro Event (8 teams, not officially counting towards the Tow-In rankings)

1. Steven van Broeckhoven & Yentel Caers
2. Sam Esteve & Lennart Neubauer
3. Youp Schmit & Nigel Hart
4. Tigo Kort & Tim Gerdes