Today was the second day of the EFPT Surf Opening at Lake Neusiedl in Austria. After an early start and about 6 hours of competition the single eliminations of the men and women got finished. In the men’s division Italian Jacopo Testa won in front of the two Belgians Yentel Cares in second and Dieter van der Eyken in third. In the women’s division Maaike Huvermann was able to live up to her role as favorite and won in front of Lina Erzen from Slovenia and German Lisa Kloster. The conditions were good during most of the day. The men were mostly on their 4,8 or 5,2 sails and women were using sails from 4,0 to 5,2. Still, some heats got re-sailed due to longer periods with inconsistent wind conditions.

Immediately after the single eliminations, the men and women double elimination got started. But unfortunately with only 10 to 12 heats (including super finals) left in the double elimination, the wind has turned off at around 16:30.

Check out two video roundups from today.


Result Single Elimination Men:

1. Jacopo Testa
2. Yentel Caers
3. Dieter van der Eyken
4. Antoine Albert
5. Sam Esteve, Steven van Broeckhoven
7. Amado Vrieswijk, Michael Czech

Result Single Elimination Women:

1. Maaike Huvermann
2. Lina Erzen
3. Lisa Kloster
4. Hanna Poschinger
5. Lina Schmied, Sterre Meijer
7. Iris Zechner, Elena Dominick

Double Elimination EFPT Austria Surf Opening 2022

Double Elimination Men EFPT Austria Surf Opening 2022

Double Elimination EFPT Austria Surf Opening 2022

Double Elimination Women EFPT Austria Surf Opening 2022