Steven van Broeckhoven wins the second EFPT tour stop in Sardina in front of Loick Spicher, who made his first international podium of his career and Giovanni Passani.
On the final day, after three days with very light wind, the wait was over and the single elimination got recommenced at 12.00 am. Despite the gusty lighter wind conditions, the freestylers put on a great show in the 10 min heats.

Steven Van Broeckhoven, who was a bit disappointed with his 5th place at the EFPT event in Austria, won against French freestyler Antony Ruenes and tour-leader Tonky Frans. The Belgian multiple European Freestyle Champion and PWA Freestyle World Champion met Swiss Loick Spicher in the winners final but he didn’t leave Spicher much chance and put down one of the highest scoring heats of the competition. The judges marked down a Culo, a regular Chachoo and an Air Funnell on starboard tack and a Barracuda, a Shaka and a Lollypop on porttack to count. Like this Van Broeckhoven proved once again his high technical skills and diversity in the changeable conditions.

EFPT Sardinia 2018 – Video Day 5

For third and fourth place there was a close heat between Tonky Frans and Giovanni Passani, which favored the Italian rider in the end. However, the Bonairean keeps his grip on the first place overall, yet has two top level athletes at his heels, who are also about to follow the whole tour this year, ready to give him a hard time.

Result EFPT Sardinia 2018

1. Steven van Broeckhoven
2. Loick Spicher
3. Giovanni Passani
4. Tonky Frans
5. Mattia Fabrizi, Riccardo Marco, Antony Ruenes, Julien Wiemar
9. Francesco Cappuzzo, Levi Dudu, Levi Eliran, Julien Mas, Yarden Meir, Bertoldo Rossel, Adam Sims, Marco Vinante
17. Stefano Lorioli, Gigi Madeddu, Amit Markman

EFPT Overall Ranking 2018 – after 3 events

1. Tonky Frans (445 points)
2. Giovanni Passani (390 points)
3. Steven van Broeckhoven (380 points)
4. Loick Spicher (335 points)
5. Riccardo Marca (305 points)
6. Sam Esteve (270 points)
7. Julian Wiemar, Mattia Fabrizi (238 points each)
9. Adam Sims (163 points)
10. Julien Mas (118 points)