The guys at the EFPT event in Lanzarote were not really lucky with the wind. It was windy before and after the event, but not during the days of the event. That’s not very common in June and the summer months, but they made the best out of the no-wind conditions and entertained spectators and organizers by running a tow-in competition. 

Antxon Otaegui, event organizer and former PWA freestyle competitor: “It was a good experience in general terms. I never thought it was so much work to organize an event but it was something we wanted to do and we finally did it. I must say this event would have never happened if I did not have the help of my wife Mar, she was the one who dealer with all the permissions from the government, payments, logistic, etc. She was the person who put the most effort into this event thats why I sincerely want to thank her. We tried to do our best. There were a lot of things that we would  change for next year but as you said- for being the first time we ran the contest here we are proud and happy about how it came out. Next year we would love to organize it as well, everyone from the government and from the other sponsors seem to be very motivated to do it again, so we will see!”


Event video including some great windsurfing action filmed on the day before the event

Video produced by Aliseo Solutions



  1. Tonky Frans
  2. Steven van Broeckhoven
  3. Dieter van der Eyken
  4. Yentel Caers
  5. Adam Sims
  6. Mattia Fabrizi
  7. Amado Vrieswijk
  8. Rick Jendrusch
  9. Nicolas Akgazciyan
  10. Hugo de Sousa