Yentel Caers wins the pro men fleet, Lennart Neubauer wins the youth competition and Sam Esteve wins the tow-in competition.

The last two days at the EFPT Las Dunas Costa Brava event were pretty windy. The stormy Tramontane provided the perfect wind conditions for the first EFPT windsurfing freestyle competition in 2019. In howling wind conditions with up to 40+ knots a double elimination got completed. 

The Belgian Yentel Caers, who won the single elimination by defeating his fellow countryman Steven van Broeckhoven, loves the strong wind and defeated his first place in the double elimination against an on fire Jacopo Testa. Jacopo is back on tour after skipping the EFPT events last year due to restrictive PWA rules, was on a mission. He won his heats against Davy Scheffers and Steven van Broeckhoven, but was not able to beat Yentel Caers in an epic final. Caers landed a Pasko, a Bongka, a Shifty and a Ponch to count on the way out and a Skopu, a double Culo, a Burner Funnell, a Skopu and a Spock Culo coming in. Testa answered with big moves of his own, however lost some points on diversity on starboard tack whilst also missing another bigger move on port. Caers could therefore claim victory after an impressive performance in challenging conditions.


6 juniors participated in the event to collect important points for the U18 EFPT champion 2019. Eugenio Marconi, took out Frenchie Nil Bacon to face Lennart Neubauer in a strong fight for the first place in the double elimination. Lennart landed an Air Flaka 360, a Shaka 360 and a Backloop to count on port-tack and a Burner, a Kono and a Skopu on starboard. Marconi answered with a Shaka, a Forward and a Ponch on port and a Burner, a Culo and a Skopu on starboard. The Italian had been leading until the last minute when Lennart landed a clean Back loop that brought him big points and the victory in the final of the double.

Amado Vrieswijk, who arrived at the Costa Brava for the upcoming PWA Foil race, stated after watching the action of the juniors:“It looks like I will have two more years and then they’ll take over!“

Highwind freestyle action on the final day – double elimination



Filmed & produced by Adam Sims & Alex Mertens

Results Men (24 rider):

1. Yentel Caers
2. Jacopo Testa
3. Steven van Broeckhoven
4. Davy Scheffers
5. Antoine Albert
6. Mattia Fabrizi
7. Giovanni Passani, Sam Esteve
9. Riccardo Marca, Adam Sims, Francesco Cappuzzo, Mathis Mollard
13. Loick Spicher, Lennart Neubauer, Felix Volkhardt, Yarden Meir
17. Valentin Böckler, Eliran Levi, Alex Mertens, Stefan De Bell, Nil Bacon, Eugenio Marconi, Eilon Wilson, Ferran Recasens


Results Juniors (6 rider):

1. Lennart Neubauer
2. Nil Bacon
3. Eugenio Marconi
4. Stefan De Bell
5. Mathis Mollard
6.A ncor Sosa Kather