Edvan Souza lives in Jericoacoara, Brazil. He grew up in the little village, which became a mekka for windsurfing. After a few years on tour he stopped competing and started to run a windsurfing center with a few friends. He likes his work, but what he loves most is windsurfing. Edvan spends as much time as possible on the water. Chris Czadilek travelled to Jericoacoara to spend a few weeks there and met Edvan. They both got friends. Chris brought his professional camera to Brazil and he started to film Edvan on and off the water. This short documentary is the result of this collaboration: a wonderful film about a great windsurfer and about his enviroment, life, friends and supporters.


Edvan Souza in and around Jericoacoara

Filmed and edited by: Chris Czadilek, CC Films