Edden Ram Self-Portrait

Edden Ram Self-Portrait


Edden Ram is a 24 year-old freelance photographer, born and raised near Malibu, California. He moved to Israel 6 years ago, is currently doing a BA in Communications at an international university in Israel and taking pictures for surf and non-surf companies all over Israel and internationally. 


Recently one of his underwater pictures from Olympic windsurfing medalist Shahar Zubar made its way around the web. We hooked up with Edden and he revealed the story of the picture.



Pic: Edden Ram

Pic: Edden Ram


Edden Ram . The Story behind the Picture


Continentseven: With which gear was the image taken?
Edden Ram: The shots were taken on a Nikon D800 with a 12-24/f4 lens, in a custom SPL water housing.


Continentseven: Why did you take this picture?
Edden Ram: We were looking to do something that we’ve never seen before, and we wanted it to be underwater. There are countless images of upside-down sails and boards, but I’ve never seen one completely sunken down to the bottom of the ocean. We decided to go for it, and it turned out to be a difficult but rewarding shoot.


Continentseven: How did you take the shot?
Edden Ram: The photoshoot was actually much more difficult then we anticipated. We sunk the sail to about 6 meters depth, but the sinker was not heavy enough to keep the sail in place and the current was strong because of the wind. I dove with scuba gear, anchored the sail as best I could, and then shot Zubari as he would freedive down to the sail and get in position. We only had about 20 seconds of shooting each time because of the depth of the sail before Zubari had to go up again for air. After about 7-8 dives I felt like I got the shots we wanted and we wrapped up. Overall it was a very unique and challenging shoot, and I hope to do more similar shoots in the future.


Continentseven: How did you start with photography?
Edden Ram: I picked up my first camera when I was 16, and since then self taught through my experiences. Less than a year ago I purchased an underwater housing for my camera and was able to completely combine my love for the ocean with my passion. In the last few years I have made a transition into videography and it is a large part of my work now.


Continentseven: What else do you photograph besides windsurfing?
Edden Ram: I shoot everything below, in, and above the water. My main focus is wave surfing and waves themselves, but I’m always looking for opportunities to shoot windsurfing, kite boarding, wake boarding, free diving, or anything else thats wet. I also do some commercial work on the side such as dance videos and music videos.


Website: www.eddenram.com
Instagram: @eddenram
Facebook: eddenramphotography

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