Carine Camboulives & Manu Bouvet travelled with their two kids to the Easter Island and they produced a documentary, called “The Rapa Nui Experience”, which tells their adventure to one of the most isolated land on earth, Rapa Nui. Imagine, the island is so remote and more than 2000 km away from Pitcairn Island, the nearest inhabited land.

Carine and Manu are professional board riders based in Maui, Hawaii. For the last 15 years they’ve been searching for the perfect spot all over the world. Nowadays they travel together with their 2 daughters, Lou & Shadé. They fulfill their appetite of discovery and exotic culture not only by surfing perfect waves but by bringing awareness on environmental challenges.

The mystic Easter Island is not only home to the mysterious Moai – 887 statues and world class waves, but also is situated in the middle of a huge floating plastic vortex. They met Steve Ravussin, a skipper and Marco Simeoni, the director of the Race for Pacific Water Foundation. It’s a sailing project, which follows the 5 big ocean garbage patches around the world. Together with the scientists from the sailboat crew and a group of local school kids they made some scientific research at the sandy beaches and measure the plastic part percentage in the sand of the remote Ester Island. The result is alarming! All negative changes in our oceans and on the shores even change the environmental status quo on remote land in Polynesia.

Besides working for the project, Caroline, Manu, Lou & Shadé made it on the water, too and Manu was riding the break at Rapa Nui’s North Shore, where Mikey Eskimo has ridden waves in the 90s already.


Carine Camboulives & Manu Bouvet on the Easter Island, Chile

Filmed by: Theo Reynal
Colour editing: Valentin Damou
Sound editing: Antonin Lacoste