Klaas Voget wins the waveriding category at the DWC Summer Opening on Sylt, which is at the same time the first event of the “German Windsurf Cup” (DWC). In very cold conditions with 8°C air temperature and rain, 13 wavesailors from Germany were fighting for the podium. Klaas Voget and Bernd Flessner were the biggest names on the starting list. Philip Köster, who actually does his driving licence, Dany Bruch, the Jamaer brothers, Matze Bade or Lars Gobisch were not participating in the event.

Manuel Vogel (G-401) against Klaas Voget (G-4) in the final (Pic: Stevie Bootz).

Due to the fact that the wind was up to 35 knots, the racecrew decided to run a waveriding event. The riders had to show their skills in waveriding and jumping, with the best two rides and best two jumps counting. In the end it was Klaas Voget, the very experienced PWA Worldcup waverider, who almost won a PWA event on Sylt in 2009, who claimed victory in this first single elimination in front of Manuel Vogel and Bernd Flessner.

Klaas Voget, the winner of the single elimination (Pic: Stevie Bootz).

The conditions were real Sylt conditions: almost 4 meter high waves, massive shorebreak and strong wind. Some riders, like the 16 year old youngster Jan-Moritz Bochnia (GER-495), could not pass the strong shorebreak.
Klaas convinced most in waveriding and jumping and could beat Manuel Vogel in the final, who is a test rider for the German Surf magazine. Manuel had a hard time to make it through the shorebreak and Klaas collected important points in the meanwhile. He impressed with long waverides in the final. After his victory he stated: “I really like the real Sylt conditions and feel really well, when it gets big!”


Final Result Waveriding:

1. Klaas Voget

2. Manuel Vogel

3. Bernd Flesser

Have a look on the full result here.



Bernd Flessner in action (Pic: Stevie Bootz).





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