Dudu Levi from Tel Yosef, a kibbutz in north-eastern Israel, is a kind of newcomer in the  international freestyle scene. In 2018 he participated in his first PWA and EFPT events. And with success! The 24 year-old freestyle windsurfer, who works as a mechanical engineer in Israel, qualified through the 2018 EFPT tour for the 2019 PWA World Tour and has a guaranteed place for all three events.
This winter Dudu travelled again to Cape Town to train and to prepare for the upcoming season. We had a chat with the freestyler about his time in Cape Town and his plans in 2019.


Dudu Levi on his Skateboard just in front of the famous tTable Mountain in Cape Town

Dudu Levi rides his Skateboard next to Sunset beach just in front of the famous Table Mountain in Cape Town.

Continentseven: How was your time in Cape Town in 2019? 

Dudu Levi: It was a great time! I arrived in Cape Town at the end of December and spent two months there. I had enough time to be in the water. No rush at all. The conditions changed a lot during the first month and I had to drive around a little bit to catch the wind. The second month was more consistent. But even on the no wind days, there’s a lot to do around this city.

Why do you like Cape Town as a winter windsurfing destination? You could stay in Israel, too? 

First of all the big change between winter and summer! This year the winter season in Israel was also good, but to improve my level I need to get a few days a week on the water. Sometimes it’s not guaranteed to get conditions in Israel and I have to work, what also makes it a bit harder. 

Dudu Levi at Rietvlei lake in the freestyle mode

Dudu Levi at Rietvlei lake in the freestyle power mode (Photo: Adrian Tregoning).

It looks like you improved your skills over the winter. What are your contest plans for 2019? 

Thanks! My plan for 2019 is not so clear yet. Now I’m back home in Israel to prepare myself for the next season.  When I got the place in the PWA for 2019 it changed my plan a bit. Before this news was announced I thought I’ll focus on the EFPT in 2019 but I can’t manage to participate in the whole EFPT and PWA tour! So I’ll build myself a short tour with the competitions I can do.

Is your guaranteed place for all three PWA events in 2019 an extra boost for you and will you participate in Bonaire, Fuerteventura and Sylt? And how do you see your chances?

Yes, I’m glad I got this chance! I guess I will not be able to reach Bonaire, but I’m planning to do Fuerteventura and Sylt. When I skip one contest it will take down my final ranking, but I believe I can improve my achievements from last year.

Dudu with power freestyle in Cape Town

Dudu with power freestyle in Cape Town (Photo: Adrian Tregoning).

You for sure met other freestyle pros on the water. Who impressed you the most? 

In two months I saw many windsurfers in the water. I was very impressed to see the freestylers going into waves. I had a few sessions in January with Adam Sims and Adrien Bosson. These guys just fly to the sky!

Did you sail in waves, too or did you have a busy time with freestyle?

I had many days at the sea, but wasn’t so focused on wave riding. I had more days of jumping or days with a freestyle board in small waves.

Dudu Levi rotates through a Back loop

Dudu Levi rotates through a Back loop at Doodls.

Are you staying in Israel until the competition season?

Yes, I will return to a routine of work, windsurfing and training to get ready for the next adventure!

Why are so many great freestyle windsurfers from Israel?

First of all: there are really excellent freestylers here! I think that’s because Israel is a small country. We see each other a lot in the water, so we push each other! Of course there are also some spots with great conditions and if you live close you have good playgrounds that work pretty well for freestyle!

Thanks for your time and good luck for 2019!

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