A nicely rotated Double Forward Loop is one of the highest ranked air moves in windsurfing competitions and got developed and improved by a few riders like Cesare Cantagalli, Robert Teriitehau, Francisco Goya, Jason Polakow, Ricardo Campello, Victor Fernandez, Philip Köster or Marcilio Browne, etc. Not to forget Iballa and Daida Moreno, who went for nice double forward rotations, too. 


Last week the 22 year-old Dutch windsurfer Pim van der Borgt sent us a clip showing some really nice Double Forward Loops at Maasvlakte in the Netherlands. So, we thought to ask Pim, who isn’t a pro windsurfer, about his experiences and tips on learning the Double Forward loop. This move definitely gets you out of the comfort zone and it needs courage to start learning the move. Pim has the courage and it looks like he will soon go for triple attempts ;-)…Big respect Pim!!!


Pim van der Borgt rotates through double Forwards


Interview with Pim van der Borgt

Continentseven:  Pim, where are you from?
Pim van der Borgt: I live in the province of Zeeland in the southwest of the Netherlands, with lots of wave and flat water spots nearby (not so much wind past weeks unfortunately). My homespot is Domburg, a little village with 1500 inhabitants. The video was recorded at the Maasvlakte. This is a new spot, a part of the expansion of the port of Rotterdam.


Continentseven:  How long have you been training the Double Forwards and how did you start to do Double Forwards?
Pim van der Borgt: I’ve tried them during four sessions now. But I’ve been thinking a long time about this move. I think many people do this, but it’s difficult to finally go for it. Last year we had good conditions on the spot Vrouwenpolder (it’s located just a few kilometers north of Domburg) , which has a little bit Pozo style conditions, onshore jumping. I did’t think for a moment and tried a couple Doubles but they were way to vertical. I had one and a half rotation and so hard crashes. I didn’t make myself small enough and my hands were too close together. During that session, a friend of mine, Erik, also tried a few doubles. Now we can push each other a bit, that helps.

Then I no longer tried them until a month ago, because I was a bit afraid of the big crashes and to damage my knees and my board. A month ago I sold my boards and used my old spare board a few times. With this board it didn’t matter if it would be damaged so I went for it again. I spent the last months thinking about this move, watched some videos and also practiced the fast planing Spinloop for a better horizontal rotation. This paid off. My first attempt had a good rotation and I almost landed it. During the second attempt I tore my eardrum. I always wear ear protection when practizing this move! In my next session I landed a few good ones. When this video was recorded I borrowed the new Ezzy Elite (4 batten sail) from a friend and that felt really good for the doubles, I didn’t expect that. Then the wind died… So I’m very happy with the progression. I can’t wait to try them again! But the wind forecast doesn’t look that promising here.


Continentseven:  What tips do you have for other windsurfers, who want to learn Double Forwards?
Pim van der Borgt: I think speed is the most important for a Double Forward. You have to go as fast as possible. Then you can do a double on almost everything. Just check that unreal! All the other basic tips help a lot, grab your hands wide, look over your shoulder etc. And then smile!!

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