Diony Guadagnino (V-69) is a world class windsurfer living in El Yaque. Diony, who made top results in all disciplines –  in freestyle at the beginning of his career winning the prestigious King of the Lake at Torbole, finishing PWA events on the podium, later in Slalom, in long distance events like the Defi or in waves. The 33 year-old does not only windsurf he rides foil boards, surfs a lot or sometimes goes for a kite session.

15 years-ago he revolutionized freestyle windsurfing. Now he released a video about his trip to Maui, where he participated in the Aloha Classic and finished in 15th place. In the video he even went for Air Chachos off the lip and Wave Grubbies. That’s quite innovative!!


Diony Guadagnino on Maui riding waves and having some nice airtime

Filmed by: Jace Panebianco, Jorge Vera, Philip Köster, Jake, Phil, Max from the Schettewi family, Marcos Lozada
Drone Shots: Ricardo Campello, Robby Swift
Edit: Fukajaz