Watch a radical clip featuring the Belgian freestyle windsurfer Dieter van der Eyken (B-35) at Sao Miguel do Gostoso, Brazil. He scored 46 windy days out of 49 and it seems Sao Miguel is the perfect training ground for Dieter. In the clip you’ll see him landing amazing freestyle airmoves in extremely choppy conditions.


Watch the video edited by Sebastian Godsmark:




C7: How long did you train at Sao Miguel do Gostoso?

Dieter van der Eyken: I was in Sao Miguel do Gostoso for 7 weeks. The 5 first weeks together with Severne Team mate Rick Jendrusch and the last 2 weeks my parents came over for Christmas and New Year, what was great! My mom did also most of the filming for this clip. So thank you for that mom! It was a really great trip with a lot of sailing: 46 days out of 49. So a big success and I will go back next year for sure!


C7: Was this the winter you’ve improved most in freestyle?

Dieter van der Eyken: I think we will see that as soon as the competitions starts in Podersdorf, right?! I feel like I got a good level after a winter with a lot of sailing, but we will see if the results will follow. I do hope so! I’m now on Bonaire and have been scoring a lot of great conditions with even one day on 4.4, which is pretty rare for Bonaire and most of the time 4.8 weather so you won’t hear me complain about having too less training this winter, I did also choose to train pure freestyle this winter as I really want to chase my goal to make it into the top 5 of the world. I know this is still going to be hard, but it should be possible, we will see!


C7: What can we expect from you and the other riders?

Dieter van der Eyken: The level has increased again a lot, I think competition will even be closer than the last years and we will see more big moves compared to last year. It might be the year with the first real double power moves in the final heats. But we will see as they are still extremely hard to land on the spots we have to sail competitions!

I’ve been on Bonaire and I’ve been in Brazil. So I saw some of the top guys sailing and I can only say the level did increase a lot again. So I’m really excited for the 2013 season. 


C7: What’s your favourite trick or combo at the moment?

Dieter van der Eyken: Hard question, I think the flakashakaflaka is for sure one of my favorite’s but a big airbob is also always nice to do!


C7: You will be running some camps, too. When are they starting and where will the camps take place?

Dieter van der Eyken: This year I also started with a new project, called the Next Generation Project.  I will run clinics together with Alexis Duparc, which are orientated on the future of windsurfing. We are aiming for a age group from 12-20 year old youngsters, who are already windsurfing in footstraps and harness till much more advanced sailors. Wether you want to go for those first planing jibes or want to learn the latest freestyle moves we can teach it all! These clinics have an all-in possibility (food, accomodation, rental gear/storage and clinic itself) for the full 6 days of the clinic. This makes it easier for the parents or the young windsurfers to know what the price for the week will be up-front! I hope to get young talents faster to the next level and share my knowledge I got so far in windsurfing (competitions, sponsors, etc.) with the next generation of windsurfing! The first clinic will already take place in 3 weeks in Porto Pollo, Sardinia (8-13 April). So, if you want a good start of the year make sure to check out the website ( and subscribe for our first clinic! After this we will be doing clinics in Corsica and Brouwersdam, which probably is one of the best places to windsurf all over Europe! 


C7: What are your goals for 2013?

Dieter van der Eyken: My goals for this year are to be Top 5 in the PWA overall ranking, European Champion and to get the Next Generation Project big! But most of all having a lot of fun and make more movies again compared to the previous years together with Sebastian Godsmark, who also made this movie. I want to thank him a lot for that. He did a great job!


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