David “Whitestoner” Weissensteiner is a 100% freestyle windsurfer: one board with a freestyle fin, a few freestyle sails and a lot of motivation to land new moves. His biggest sail size is 4.8 and he windsurfs a lot on lakes in the Alps in Italy, Austria or Germany. Sometimes he travels to the seaside, to Sardinia or Bonaire. Over the last two years David crashed a lot of moves, but improved a lot. Thumbs up David!! Check out his collection with his favorite moments, mainly filmed at “Sweet water”/ fresh water lakes. That’s why he called his video “Sweet 18”. We thought we would post the video in any case, although the footage is a bit older. The good action speaks for itself!! David now moved to Kiel, Northern Germany and will make it on the water more often.

“Well, I finished editing this video from 2018 over 1 year ago and was not quite satisfied with the intro/outro. But since I didn’t get the chance to rework the whole thing I wanted to share the video anyway. In 2018 I was only surfing at lakes around the Alps in Germany, Austria and Italy, even though I didn’t get on the water very often, I was able to capture many sessions on camera thanks to my girlfriend. I hope you enjoy watching the video, even without double-air and double-power moves.” David “Whitestoner” Weissensteiner about Sweet 18

Spots: Lago di Garda & Sardinia in Italy, Achensee in Austria, Ammersee in Germany, Bonaire

David “Whitestoner” Weissensteiner with radical sweet water freestyle action from Italy, Austria & Germany

Filmed by Sina, Alex, Silvia