In May 2021 the spots on Gran Canaria’s east coast got a lot of wind and a good swell. David Hársfalvi, who spends a lot of time in Gran Canaria – he is a pilot and spends his off time on the windy island – enjoyed these special days. He was out in Pozo Izquierdo and braved the elements. The Hungarian improved his skills over the years and now really goes high. When windsurfing in Pozo – it’s one of the top side onshore spots – you always have world class riders out there, who motivate you to push your personal skill level and try out to land your moves better.
David’s video “Pozo Grande” (Great Pozo) not only shows the wild conditions in Pozo Izquierdo and the good skills of David. He is quite a strong fella and is riding on a 3.3m. It was windy indeed. The video also shows how the beach has been currently re-shaped with the help of big excavators. Let’s see how the “arena” and the rocky beach will look like when the the re-shape of the beach, the promenade, the walls and the rocky tribunes are done. The strong wind, the salt from with the flying water and strong swells caused an impact on the beach infrastructure over the past years. Let’s see how the re-structured beach and surrounding areas will look like. The launch into the water and especially the landing when returning back to the beach looks even harder compared to previous days.

Pozo Grande, a windsurfing clip featuring David Hársfalvi sailing in ultra radical conditions in Pozo Izquierdo, Gran Canaria in May 2021