The PWA event got canceled 3 weeks before the event should start in Chile. Dany, who missed to compete in the Aloha Classic, sticked to his plans and decided to travel to Chile despite the cancellation and find out more about the conditions at the long Pacific coast line of the South American state.Imagine, Chile has a total coastline of 6435 kilometers.
Dany and  Inma travelled about 5.400 kilometers up and down the coast of Chile, saw great landscapes, got new friends and had great windsurfing conditions. The surf was great and Dany sailed at spot like Matanzas, Pupuya, Chorillos, Tumán, Topocalma and some others. 


Dany Bruch: “Overall it was an insane trip, strongly recommended for anyone who likes to explore places and experience a different kind of Windsurfing.” 


Filmed by Inma Rueda Hurtado (Dany and Inma are engaged). It’s the last video of Dany sailing on Severne Sails before he changed to the Italian sail brand Challenger Sails in the end of 2013.


Dany Bruch with wave riding action in Chile