Gollito Estredo won the EFPT Tow-In event at the DAM7 Festival at Brouwersdam. At 7:30pm the final of the EFPT tow-in was held with the top ten sailors who had made it through the three qualifying rounds earlier in the week. Youp Schmit qualified as the lucky fourth place loser. Max Matissek led the final after the first round of attempts after landing a brilliant double Air Funnell. However, the Austrian couldn’t hold onto his lead as Jose ‘Gollito’ Estredo stomped a brilliant Air Funnel into Burner Cana Brava to claim the victory, whilst Kiri Thode stole second place with a Funnell into Air Funnell, leaving Max Matissek to settle for third place.

We have made a video with some of the action.


DAM7 Festival 2013 – EFPT Tow-In Video


RESULT EFPT Tow-In Championship

  1. Gollito Estredo (Air Funnell into Burner Cana Brava)
  2. Kiri Thode (Funnell into Air Funnell)
  3. Max Matissek  (Flaka into Shaka)
  4. Nicolas Akgazciyan
  5. Antony Ruenes
  6. Youp Schmit
  7. Björn Saragoza
  8. Adrien Bosson
  9. Adam Sims
  10. Taty Frans