Daida Moreno and Philip Köster win the 2014 Dunkerbeck Eywear Siam Park El Medano – Tenerife PWA World Cup.

Pic: Tenerife World Cup

Pic: Tenerife World Cup


The ladies double elimination saw the Morenotwins dominating. Iballa, who was the winner of the single elimination got defeated twice by her twin sister Daida, who showed a stronger performance in both of the finals. Completing the podium, and this is a little surprise, is freestyle and slalom expert Sarah-Quita Offringa. It was her fourth participation in a PWA wave event after competing in Sylt in 2008 and 2009 and this year in Pozo and she really surprised quite some people. She fought down Robson, Nishida, Afonso Martin, Sommer, Arutkin, Wahl and Beenen, but lost to Daida Moreno. With landed Shakas she scored well, but missed big jumps against Daida, who is able to land stalled Forwards one handed, big Backloops, tweaked Pushloops. Anyway, the 7 times PWA freestyle World Champion made a great catch up in the double elimination by winning seven heats in a row. 

At the moment Iballa and Daida are competing on their own level, but a few girls really came closer, like Steffi Wahl, Amanda Beenen and Sarah-Quita Offringa. Will be interesting to see what happens at the upcoming events. 4 events are on the calendar for the ladies: Sylt, La Torche, Maui and Chile.
At the moment Daida leads with two victories. Her twin sister Iballa, who was windsurfing really well during the single elimination at Cabezo, is in second and will try everything to win the next event. Steffi Wahl is ranked third after two events counting.


Daida Moreno: “Today has been amazing for me. I had a lot of fun sailing and I felt great out there. The wind was good, the waves were good and I just went with the flow, trying to have fun and forget about the nerves. I was pretty calm – I used the tactic of trying to make sure I got a jump in the bag at the beginning. After I got my jump done I just focused on my wave riding. Before the final I changed up, which I’m really happy about because it let me go more vertical in my turns. I love this spot and I think I proved myself as a wave rider as well. I’m super happy to win here again.”



We just can say Philip Köster is back. The two times PWA World Champion managed to win the event, after his 5th place at the Gran Canaria Wind & Waves Festival. In Gran Canaria he maybe did not invest enough effort into his wave riding, at Cabezo things changed.

Gran Canaria winner Victor Fernandez had a real flow in the double elimination and won against Omar Sanchez, locals Alex Mussolini and Daniel Bruch, teammate Klaas Voget and Jaeger Stone. The heat against Jaeger was a tight one, but tactically sailed very well. Only one win was missing to qualify for the final against Köster. But a stupid fault cost him the necessary points against a strong sailing Thomas Traversa. Victor took Thomas Traversa’s priority on a wave and almost hit him with a front side wave 360. The dream of the final was over. Thomas, the style master of wave sailing and Red Bull Storm Chase winner, who already defeated Köster in a final at Klitmoller once, won the first final against Philip. But in the second final, the super final, Philip scored 8.12 points for a wave ride with a Goiter and a high 9 for a textbook double Forward. Thomas was not as strong as he was in the first final in his jumping and did not find the best waves. He lost by 2 points in the end, but will be a real contender for everyone in the upcoming 5 events at Cold Hawaii, on Sylt, at La Torche, at Ho’okipa and in Chile.

Actually Victor Fernandez is leading the the overall ranking with a first place at Pozo and a third at Cabezo. Philip moved from 5th to second and Jaeger Stone is ranked third. What a surprise after his long break off tour. 2014 world champ Marcilio Browne is ranked 4th.


Philip Köster: “I didn’t land my double planing, but it was a good one and a solid start to the heat, I also got my best wave of the contest in the super final so I was super happy. It feels great to win again and I’m super stoked.”





1. Daida Moreno

2. Iballa Moreno

3. Sarah-Quita Offringa

4. Amanda Beenen

5. Steffi Wahl

6. Alice Arutkin

7. Caroline Weber, Sara Sommer

9. Justyna Sniady, Carmen Afonso Martin, Olya Raskina, Eva Oude Ophuis



1. Philip Köster

2. Thomas Traversa

3. Victor Fernandez Lopez

4. Jaeger Stone

5. Klaas Voget

6. Daniel Bruch

7. Alex Mussolini, Leon Jamaer

9. Robby Swift, Omar Sanchez, Moritz Mauch, Marcilio Browne