“Culos and Choppers” is Balz Müller’s latest clip with action from Lake Garda in Italy. Balz spent 4 days at the lake and he scored some early Pelèr wind in Malcesine. For his video Balz used a music track from an earlier clip by Garda local Mattia Pedrani, called “Burners and Choppers”. Balz nails all his latest moves in his typical style and unpacks his foil for some turns and moves. By the way, the upwind 360 with the foil looks great. 

“Happy scoring some early Pelèr sessions on Lago di Garda the past weekend! The magical place where freestyle windsurfing legend Mattia Pedrani learned styling! Burners and Choppers is his unique windsurf music clip! And since that song/clip accompanied me thru my freestyle windsurf beginnings, I’m proud using his the song with my own “dreamtricks” of the past days. Incredible how Mattia already ripped back then! And crazy where our freestyle discipline is nowadays! ACTION!” Balz Müller

Culos and Choppers – the video from Balz Müller about his 4 day trip to Lake Garda in June 2018

Filmed by windwasserwellen.ch