The 2015 CORNWALL WAVE CLASSIC at Gwithian beach – the spot is well known from the Storm Chase event – was the third event organized by the BWA this season (Oct 30-Nov 1). The Windsurfing action in Cornwall looked awesome with some of the best wave riding conditions for a long time in the UK competitions. Riders in the pro fleet were Andy King, Steve King, Ben Proffitt, Adam Lewis, Mike Archer, Lecky Gayda, Steve Thorpe, Ross Williams, Jamie Hancock, Andy ‘Bubble’ Chambers, Phil Horrocks, Dave Horrocks, Timo Mullen, Sparky, James Coxy, Alfie Hart.

Ross Williams, overall one of the best windsurfers, won the event at Gwithian and shared the podium with Jamie Hancock in 2nd and Adam Lewis in 3rd. Steve Thorpe finished in 4th. Watch a nice recap video created by the team of Red Handed TV.


Cornwall Wave Classic 2015 – Results

  1. Ross Williams
  2. Jamie Hancock
  3. Adam Lewis
  4. Steve Thorpe
  5. Andy Chambers, Andy King, Ben Proffitt, Timo Mullen


Wave action from the Cornwall Wave Classic 2015