Winter storm “Christian” battered the shores of Great Britain with gusts up to 140km/h and brought massive waves to the shores of Cornwall for the final event of the BWA  (British Wavesailing Association). After a Double Elimination Phil Horrocks (Pro men), Debbie Kennedy (Women), Dave Ewer (Masters), Emile Kott (Amateurs) are the winners of the event. 

The Cornwall Classic was the final event and the British Wave Champions got crowned, too. The winners: Phil Horrocks (Pros), Justyna Sniady (Women), Tris Levie (Youth), Dave White (Masters), Jony Price (Amateurs) 


Video by Aeolus Production from the event and see the results below 


Cornwall Classic 2013


Result Men

1. Phil Horrocks

2. Andy King

3. Timo Mullen

4. Ross Williams

5. James Cox

6. Dave Horrocks


Result Women

1. Debbie Kennedy

2. Justyna Sniady

3. Sarah Bibby

4. Sara Kellett

5. Jody Ward

6. Katie McAnena


The 2013 BWA UK Wave Champions

Champion: Phil Horrocks 
Vice Champion: Ross Williams 
3rd Ben Proffitt 

Champion: Tris Levie
Vice Champion: Stuart Cowling
3rd: Duncan Knox 

Champion: Dave White
Vice Champion: Stuart Tilbury
3rd: Geoff Hautman

Champion: Jony Price
Vice Champion: Julian Leach
3rd: Sam Latham

Champion: Justyna Sniady 
Vice Champion: Emma Ray 
3rd: Debbie Kennedy