Constantin Geis is a 21 year old German freestyle windsurfer from Germany, who started windsurfing in 2011. Actually he lives in Lübeck at the Baltic Sea and studies  physiotherapy. He was born in Hannover, but grew up in Hamburg.  Most of the time he windsurfs in Fehmarn. Freestyle was the reason, why he decided to start windsurfing. 

Constantin Geis: “I really started with Freestyle in the summer 2015, when I finished school. I worked as a windsurfing teacher in Karpathos and landed my first Spocks, Flakas and Grubbies. In the winter 2015 and in summer/fall 2016  I travelled to Brazil and started to learn the first power moves.” 

Žiga Strehovec “I have recently made a video for my friend Constantin Geis. He is a young German freestyler, who also competed in the German Freestyle Battles. We are both huge fans of the sport and we both put some effort in it. I filmed Constantin in two session. We had gusty, but very strong wind”

German Constantin Geis in “Time in the Sun” with radical freestyle windsurfing action from Karpathos

Windsurfing action starts at timecode 01:40min;-)

Produced by: Žiga Strehovec