• Event Date: September 19 – September 24 2016
  • Disciplines: Men Wave
  • Location: Klitmøller, Denmark

Unfortunately the event ended without an official result. After five days on hold, a tow-in show and some SUP events only the penultimate day (September 24) provided a small window of competable conditions, which allowed the qualifying round to be completed. Loick Lesauvage, Mads Bjørnå, Julian Salmonn and Julien Taboulet won the qualifiying round. There was some hope to continue with the main competition, but unfortunately the swell and wind dropped as well as on the next and final day of the event.

On the final day a Tow-In jump super session with 2000€ of prize money was held. Ricardo Campello, Robby Swift, Amado Vrieswijk and Dieter van der Eyken signed in and made the best ouf of the conditions. Dieter van der Eyken showed the best jump with the cleanest landing – an inverted Pasko – and takes victory over Ricardo Campello and Amado Vrieswijk.

During the final award ceremony event organizer Robert Sand announced a break of the PWA event for 2017. 2017 a SUP World Cup will take place. He also stated, that windsurfing might be back in 2018 with a different concept. They think to include more spots of the whole Thy region. Good idea!

Live Stream Re-Watch Qualifying Round Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup 2016


Qualifying Round
  • Heat 1: Loick Lesauvage vs Gustav Haggstrom vs Amado Vrieswijk vs Max Droege
  • Heat 2: Mads Bjørnå vs Julian Salmonn vs Sebastian Kornum vs Alex Grand-Guillot
  • Heat 3: Julien Taboulet vs Markus Rydberg vs Rasmus Oegelund vs Julien Quentel

Video Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup 2016 – Tow In exhibition

ft. Amado Vrieswijk, Dieter Van der Eyken, Alessio Stillrich, Sebastian Kornum and Rasmus Oegelund

Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup 2016 – Photo Gallery