Lucas Meldrum released his third episode of the “Between The Lines” series. Together with Miguel Chapuis and Henri Kolberg he participated in the the Cold Hawaii Games in Denmark. The three friends enjoyed the big conditions and made it on the water as much as possible. Additionally they filmed a lot of footage for this new video episode, what’s not the most easy in these conditions with 30+ knots of wind, temperatures below 10° and rain. Well done Lucas, Miguel and Henri!! And Miguel did very well in the competition, too and finished on the 6th place in the men’s pro fleet.

It’s great to see the youth generation pushing hard in the wave discipline. Henri made the trip possible as he owns a van and they could drive to all the spots (the contest site was mobile) and always bring the right gear to the event site. 

Cold Hawaii Games – windsurf contest | Between The Lines Ep 3 featuring Lucas Meldrum, Miguel Chapuis and Henri Kolberg

Filmed by Lucas Meldrum, Henri Kolberg & Tobias Bjoorna