The “Childrem of the wind” movie is finished and already got its first award, the Audience award at the Aruba Film Festival. Last month the documentary Children Of The Wind had its red-carpet world premiere during the Aruba Film Festival. Children of the Wind is a film by Seek Films and tells the story of the windsurfers Bonaire, focusing on Tonky and Taty Frans and their cousin Kiri Thode.

Children of the Wind family on the red carpet. Gerrald Victorina far left (a COTW sponsor), Elvis’ daughter Julia is in the red dress, Taty’s girlfriend Daisy and daughter Gianna behind him, and Kiri’s girlfriend Tami far right


The Children of Wind team with their award


Until now, there is no DVD available because Daphne Schmon and the producers are hoping to have the film accepted at the Toronto and Amsterdam Film Festivals, which will be in November. “We have to wait and see first if we get into Toronto International Film Festival and Amsterdam which will be in November. Because a DVD release prior to these festivals would disqualify us. There is also a possibility that the film will get picked up for theatrical release or television broadcast, in which case we also need to wait a bit. So I would estimate the DVD will be released worldwide by spring 2013, but that is not certain yet.”


Getting the award