Cervantes, a small town located 200km north of Perth Downtown, Western Australia is the host to the annual windsurfing speedsailing event “Cervantes Speed 2011”, held this year over the weekend of 26/27th November 2011. Read more about the event and watch the fantastic clip of Colin Leonhardt.

This event has been run by the Perth windsurfing shop “Windsurfing Perth” for years and supported by Neil Pryde. Speeds were measured by radar gun on the Saturday and a marathon with all competitors was held on the Sunday from one side of the bay to the other. Big names like Chris Lockwood, Jesper Orth, Ben Newson or Steven Stratfold participated in the event. Colin Leonhardt , who runs windsurfaustralia.com, produced a fantastic clip – almost 100% of the clips are shots from the helicopter – and all of you, who like to watch flat water blasting should watch the 5:18 min long masterpiece.

If you are interested in reading a more detailed story about this event just click in Brian McDowell´s latest issue of the Windsurfer International.


Cervantes Speed 2011 from Helifotos on Vimeo.