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Aerial – Alex Mussolini

2016-09-30T23:09:33+00:00 March 20th, 2011|

Nice Aerial by the Spaniard Alex Mussolini in really, really light wind conditions during the Fuerteventura Wave Classic 2010.

Aerial – Bernd Roediger

2017-12-27T13:26:57+00:00 December 10th, 2011|

Watch a huge Aerial at Hookipa by Bernd Roediger. Imagine, Bernd was only 15 years-old when he did this Aerial.

Aerial – Francisco Goya

2016-04-29T00:42:09+00:00 October 18th, 2009|

The Argentinian Francisco Goya shows a perfect Aerial with much style and perfect timing.

Aerial – Iballa Moreno

2016-04-29T00:40:03+00:00 May 11th, 2011|

Aerial by Iballa Moreno during the Fuerteventura Wave Classic filmed at Entubadera.

Aerial – Iballa Moreno

2016-05-12T20:13:27+00:00 April 4th, 2012|

Aerial from Iballa Moreno captured at Majanicho during the 2012 Fuerteventura Wave Classic.

Aerial – Luke Siver

2017-01-19T15:15:48+00:00 November 29th, 2011|

Very smooth Aerial off the lip by Luke Siver, LeviĀ“s brother.

Aerial – Thomas Traversa

2016-04-29T00:57:24+00:00 December 4th, 2012|

One of the few Aerials we have seen in Sylt this year was this Aerial from Thomas Traversa.