Thomas Traversa, Justin Denel and Fanny Aubet are the winners of the 2013 Carro Wave Classic, which took place last weekend at Carro in France. Carro is a small fishing village located 40km west of Marseille and it is said that Carro is one of the best wave spots in the Mediterranean. The video shows great windsurfing action in 40-45 knots of wind and 4-5 meter waves. Unfortunately there are no english subtitles for non French speaking people, but does not really matter, the action speaks for itself. And we like the new look of Peter Volwater. 


Video by Sophia Regerbis



Result Men:

  1. Thomas Traversa
  2. Julien Taboulet
  3. Peter Volwater
  4. Jules Denel
  5. Regis Bouron
  6. Nicolas Reynes
  7. Patrick Vigouroux

Result Women

  1. Fanny Aubet
  2. Stella Fazi
  3. Lise Vidal

Result Youth

  1. Justin Denel
  2. Loic Lesauvages
  3. Bastien Escofet