Romain Pinocheau (F-08) was in South Africa and released a nice windsurfing clip, packed with word class freestyle action. We added a little interview to the video to keep you updated about Romain’s experiences in Cape Town and his plans for the upcoming year. Watch great Konos, Skopus, Culos, Pushloops, Paskos or Backloops. This video is a strong sign of the 24 year-old rider, who did not compete in any PWA events in 2014. The trip to Cape Town definitely paid off. He often sailed in 35 to 40 knots strong wind and Benjamin Nicklaus filmed great action. 


“The first part shows action of  a session at the Rietvlei Reserve Lake. Flat water next to the shore and choppy in the middle. The wind on the lake can be stronger than on the sea. The second part is showing some sessions at the wave spots of Cape Town like Sunset Beach, Kitebeach (Mystic House) and Big Bay.” Romain Pinocheau about his video




Continentseven: How long did you stay at Cape Town?

Romain Pinocheau: I stayed almost one month in Cape Town from November 15 until December 11. It’s not the peak of the season, but we were lucky with the wind conditions (20-25 days of windsurfing ). I was lodged at the Mystic House and I really want to thank them for everything. It was very welcoming and I met so many cool guys there. And it’s probably the cheapest place in Cape Town !

Big Kono action at the Rietvlei Lake

Big Kono action at the Rietvlei Lake



Continentseven: Your personal highlight session, when and where?

Romain Pinocheau: All sessions were unbelievable, but 2 sessions stayed in my mind! The first was at the Rietvlei Lake (it’s in the 1st part of the movie). I was overpowered with my 4.4m EchoMe in 40 knots. My friend Benjamin was filming some funny crashes of Backloop attempts on the lake. And the second was just in front of the Mystic House, with all the kitesurfing friends and especially Steven Akkersdijk (3rd Red Bull King of the Air), who really ruled the spot.


Steven Akkersdijk with massive air time

Steven Akkersdijk with massive air time was one of the Romain’s highlights


Continentseven: With whom did you travel?

Romain Pinocheau: I travelled with Benjamin Nicklaus, a really good kitesurfer and friend. We were together  in Sao Miguel do Gostoso last year, too!


Continentseven: Did you learn new tricks?

Romain Pinocheau: Yeah for sure ! First I learned to sail in extreme conditions! I’ve trained hard in the choppy conditions and I focused my training on the wave moves like Pushloop, Backloop and Pasko because I never jumped on this tack before.

Langebaan flatwater session

Langebaan flatwater session


Continentseven: What was your most used gear?

Romain Pinocheau: The 4.0m EchoMe is my smallest sail so I used it really often, and sometimes my 4.8. I just took one board, my Rodeo 90l. For me, it’s really important to do everything with the freestyle gear. It’s my opinion!
I used the MUFins Taty Style 18′ to go fast in the choppy conditions and also because I have some problems to stay up on my board when I change into switch stance!


Continentseven: Will you compete in 2015?

Romain Pinocheau: I’ll compete on the PWA Tour in 2015, and probably the EFPT and Windmeet Tour. I’m waiting for the PWA calendar like everybody, and I am looking forward to see the next destination!


Romain sends greetings from the beach

Romain sends happy greetings from the beach


Continentseven: Any plans for further trips during the winter?

Romain Pinocheau: Winter trips are finished for me, I only can do one per year and I was lucky enough to do it. The next trip could be the first stop of the PWA Tour, so probably Bonaire !

Thank you Continentseven and I wish you all a great new year in 2015 with 365 windy days !!


Continentseven: Thanks, yes let’s hope for loads of wind..


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