The Swiss freestyle windsurfer Loick Spicher went to Brazil end of October 2010, where he then stayed for a few months. He also visited Camocim, a freestyle spot, where he became friends with the local windsurfers there. Loick made a video featuring these young Brazilian windsurfers.


More about the movie and Camocim you find on Loicks website here.



“I first went to Jericoacoara. There I met and stayed with some Germans. We went surfing together almost every day, scoring some nice sessions on the spot and in the lagoons around Jeri. After some weeks of hard sailing we wanted a change and set up a road trip – nine people from five different nations: English, French, German, Dutch and Swiss. We looked for a way to get us all to Camocim, where we had heard that there was a river that offered flat water freestyle conditions. There were two ways to get there. The longer one was over the national road. A shorter route was straight along the coast itself, on the sand from Jeri all the way to Camocim – less driving but only passable at low tide. Unfortunately high tides meant we had to go round the long way!…” Read more…