Clear blue skies, calm seas, and a gentle tropical breeze provided idyllic conditions for a relaxing afternoon in paradise.

With signs of a moderate sized swell building in the North of Sal this morning the organisers were filled with the hope that a small increase in the wind would allow the competition to resume. Most of the sailors stationed themselves at the desolate location of Curral Joul in preparation for their heats. But, after waiting patiently all morning, with only their vehicles for shade, head judge Duncan Coombs decided to let them return south to Santa Maria for a more comfortable afternoon.

The wind and waves simply failed to materialise, leaving the sailors to endure a further day on standby. The forecast for the final two days of the holding period doesn’t look too promising at the moment with both the swell and wind showing signs of disappearing. Link to the elimination ladder.

© Text: PWA/Paul Griffiths