Today is the premiere of Cabeibusha – the curly gem movie at the cinema at Westerland in Germany and we are really looking forward to see the movie and to be part of the premiere show.

Cabeibusha – the Curly Gem is a film portrait about Sarah-Quita Offringa produced by broken bloke Production. Together they travelled halfway around the globe. They set out in search of the highest waves in Australia, visited Aruba, the home of Sarah-Quita, explored unknown territories in Iceland and travelled to Europe to document Sarah-Quita’s fight for the world championship title.


Sarah-Quita Offringa: “It’s finally here! The last month was really crunch time and the whole broken bloke Production crew worked really hard to have Cabeibusha done for tonight. I was a bit nervous to see if everything would go according to schedule, but the boys delivered. So right now I’m very relaxed and just really looking forward to share the movie with you. I´ll let you in on a little secret: it will be as much of a surprise for me as for the audience, because I haven’t seen the final edit yet! Can’t wait!”

Julian Robinet (broken bloke Production): “Yes, we are done. It’s been a really great journey throughout the whole project. Starting in Australia now sitting in Sylt ready to show the final movie to everybody makes me actually happy and looking forward to see everybody tonight!”