Cabeibusha – the curly gem is a book and film documentary by broken bloke Production featuring Sarah-Quita Offringa, 9 times Windsurfing Worldchampion from Aruba.

Cabeibusha book & movie - Pic: Continentseven

Cabeibusha book & movie – Pic: Continentseven


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Today, at 23 years Sarah-Quita has become a household name on the professional windsurfing circuit and has accumulated 9 back to back world titles. In the meantime she has also moved to Holland and obtained a bachelor’s degree in science. Mostly known for her freestyle prowess as – she hasn’t lost a single freestyle heat nor competition since 2008- she has now set her sights on competing in all disciplines -Slalom, freestyle and waves-  of the Professional Windsurfing Association’s tour. This is no easy feat as most windsurfers only focus on one discipline.



Julian Robinet (broken bloke Production): “In this documentary we follow Sarah-Quita on her travels in 2015. We’ll follow her as she ventures out into the world exploring new destinations and meeting new people. We’ll also see how she prepares for the upcoming competition season as well as how she is coming along competing in all three disciplines on tour. This will be the first time to have a female protagonist in a windsurfing movie. Furthermore in this documentary instead of focusing on pure windsurfing action, we rather shed light on the lifestyle of a professional windsurfer. Which typically involves travelling the world, training, finding new spots and coming in contact with new cultures.”