Boujmaa Guilloul rides clean waves in Sidi Kaouki. The spot is located around 25 kilometers down south from the main city of Essaouira. It’s a quite remote beach and the waves break over sand banks. Local windsurfing pro Boujmaa set up a new center there. It looks like he enjoyed his session. When waves get big there the current gets tricky and it need skills to make it over the white water. There are a few other spots nearby. It’s a good area for surfing or just to relax. It works best with wind from northern directions. The beach break works well all year round. The wintertime and early spring are better for surfing. In the summer months it gets really windy, what’s perfect for everyone, who likes to ride on small boards & sails.

Boujmaa Guilloul rides clean waves in Sidi Kaouki, Essaouira Province, Morocco – Video