The Moroccan stylemaster Boujmaa Guilloul got injured a few days ago while doing a bottom turn at Hookipa on Maui. It is quite a bad timing for him, as today is the start of the Starboard photoshoot for 2013 equipment on Maui and Boujmaa has to stay out of the water for at least 4 more weeks. Read below a quick interview with Boujmaa.

Boujmaa Guilloul on Maui with crutches

Continentseven: You injured yourself sailing at Hookipa. What happened exactly?
Boujmaa Guilloul: Nothing special this time, just a bottom turn in the wrong spot, with the white water breaking under my board and twisting it the opposite way while I am leaning forward, by then it twisted my whole foot in an extreme way. I felt it was gonna break, but thanks god it didn´t.


Continentseven: How long will you now be off the water?
Boujmaa: Maybe 4 or 6 weeks, let’s see and hope, it’s full non weight bearing immobilization with a removable cast, so maybe it will be quicker.


Continentseven: Maui does not bring too much luck for you? Last year you crashed this huge Triple loop attempt, the rest of the story is known.
Boujmaa: I think its just meant to be, by us we would say mektoub, even if I was home or elsewhere and it was the moment for it, maybe even the worst could happen, but hey it’s a hard core sport where we all try to push more, and it is the price to pay.


Continentseven: We saw the amazing Foubackward in the EpicSessions video. Looks like you are already pretty safe in doing it?
Boujmaa: Kind of, I can pull it a lot easier than before now, but it sucks I can´t do more now. I think there is a crazy window to push the sport with new combo moves, I see it clear now, maybe I will take my time to think about more combos in the future, I just can´t wait to be back in the water.


Continentseven: Are there any other crazy Boujmaa combinations in process?
Boujmaa: In my mind now there has been lot, but didnt get the chance to try any yet, and now, I can´t due to my foot, but as soon am back in the water, I hope I can try more.


Continentseven: How long will you stay on Maui and what comes after?
Boujmaa: One more week or so, until my insurance changes my ticket and then I will head home.. .for full recovery, to start up with a travel story.


Continentseven: Boujmaa, thanks for the quick interview and we wish a fast recovery and good luck for your upcoming travels!

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