Around two weeks ago Boujmaa Guilloul travelled from his home Moulay in Morocco to Pistol River (USA) to participate in the Pistol River Wave Bash of the American Windsurfing Tour. And the journey paid off. Pistol River welcomed him with 35+ knots of wind and powerful waves and in the end he won the event by defeating the current tour leader Camille Juban.

Boujmaa Guilloul: “It was an amazing experience again, in such amazing conditions almost as perfect as I imagined them for me, I had lot of fun sailing with amazing and super talented sailors, very impressive sailing from all of them. I wasn’t imagining myself winning this event, but something happened that it actually did happen and I won this event. I wish I can be consistent like so many others in my sailing, because this is addictive, winning becomes a drug and all I want now is to compete.”


Boujmaa Guilloul – From Moulay to Pistol River