Josep Colomé filmed Spaniard Boro Mar in Fuerteventura’s south, where he enjoyed freestyle windsurfing at the fullest lately. Boro, who spent a lot of time on Fuerteventura over the past summers, landed quite brilliant moves and had the spot Risco del Paso almost for his own.

Boro Mares Martínez: “This has been a very windy summer in Fuerteventura. A bit sad not having the World Cup and the pros training here at Sotavento. But anyways we had good vibes on the water with the local riders and not too many people in the water. My friend Josep Colomé (instagram: josep_colome_23) is a professional filmmaker from Fuerteventura. He came for one day to the Risco del Paso lagoon and captured some action. Hope you like it.”

Spaniard Boro Mares Martínez with brilliant summer freestyle windsurfing action in Fuerteventura’s south