Article by Ruben Petrisie

On the third day of the event a light wind freestyle competition was scheduled. Around noon both teams were ready to play while at the same time, a workshop about environment and nature organized by the “surf rider foundation” was taking place for some of the local school kids who were also very excited to see the pro windsurfers spinning their gear in the light wind battles. 


Top 3 finalists of the light wind competition: 
1.    Roman Pinocheau (Ile de Ré) 
2.    Steven Van Broekhoven (Belgium) 
3.    Julien Mas (Grenoble) 

Pic: Cristelle Baud

Pic: Cristelle Baud


Lunch was provided as everyday at the local beach bar and for the afternoon there was a tow-in demo session scheduled with several local media and PR agents including TV-France3/Corsica.  The guys had a lot o fun and all of them did a great show to impress the film crew. 


Some of today’s interesting tow-in moves were performed by: 
1.    Dieter Van Der Eyken (Belgium): clean  Kono, and high clean double Funnell
2.    Adrien Bosson (Six Fours) with a slick clean Culo 
3.    Nico Akgazciyan (Leucate) an impressive new try clew first Flaka 
4.    Antoine Albert (New Caledonia) managed to pull off a perfect double Spock 
5.    Antony Ruenes (La Ciotat)  with a nice fast Flaka Shaka combo 


Dieter van der Eyken - Pic: Christelle Baud

Dieter van der Eyken – Pic: Christelle Baud


Tow-In - Pic: Cristelle Baud

Adrien Bosson – Pic: Cristelle Baud


Team France - Pic: Cristelle Baud

Team France – Pic: Cristelle Baud


In the evening a BIG BBQ took place at the beach bar with some groovy music by Ruben to celebrate the birthdays of Nico Akgazciyan and Cristelle Baud. 

Yet another nice day for everyone here in Corsica, lets see what tomorrow will bring.


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