Article by Ruben Petrisie on Behalf of the Bonifacio Freestyle Project

A beautiful sunny morning on the first event day of the 4th edition of the Bonifacio Freestyle Project welcomed, both teams (Team France and Team World) who are more then ready to battle it out against each other in an unique competition format including a video online battle. 

Yesterday most of the riders who made it to the site a day before the event  got to enjoy a warm-up session in winds up to 25knots here in Piantarella. Cristelle the event manager quickly grabbed her camera to snap a few hot shots of the early action performed by the freestyle windsurfers.



Pic: Cristelle Baud

Pic: Cristelle Baud


Adrien Bosson - Pic: Cristelle Baud

Adrien Bosson – Pic: Cristelle Baud


Today the first skippers meeting took place around noon, as soon as all competitors made it on sight. The Bonifacio Freestyle project manager Thomas Traversa decided to start of with the first tow-in competition due to a light forecast. Everyone got quickly organized and the boat took of to the island Piana which is located in front of the Bonifacio Windsurf Center. The Two teams did 2 rounds of tow-in competitions with the option to receive points on a scale of 0 to 10.


Leading this first tow in competition was Steven van Broekhoven (Belgium) who earned the highest points with 2 powerful moves. Second rider with most points was Adrien Bosson (Six Fours) with clean spinning tricks and the third rider today was Julien Mas (Grenoble) who performed with style and smoothness.


Steven van Broeckhoven - Pic: Cristelle Baud

Steven van Broeckhoven – Pic: Cristelle Baud


Maarten van Ochten

Maarten van Ochten


Interview with Dutch Freestyler Maarten van Ochten: 

The Dutch Freestyler Maarten van Ochten is on his first visit on the island of Corsica and has the following to say: “Yes its my first time here on the island and I actually decided just two days ago to join in. I found it a great opportunity to join in on such a fun windsurfing event. It was really nice sailing yesterday and this spot is so beautiful for photos, I did saw some footage before but to actually be here is just such a different story. I see this event as a pure fun concept with no space for stress and just to join these guys is really amazing to push each other and to make the best out of such a  great trip.”


About the Video Concept: I think its a great idea which is good for the exposure of windsurfing  and the freestyle discipline.


About team battles team France vs team World: I think its a great idea, both teams are good with a few top riders so we will see at the end I guess. 

About Tow in: I have been practicing a bit since Podersdorf’s event 2011  and its just a different thing, but all good. 

In the end the whole event is well organized we have a lovely Huge Vella and the food is great a bit unexpected. We are so spoiled over here. (smiles)


Project Manager Thomas Traversa about the Video Contest: 

Each team will be followed by a cameraman who will film all the action of each of the riders throughout the entire contest. The first teaser will be available online on Wednesday. A second will follow in the next weekend, but two final videos will be available for ten days after the end of the contest. Each video will represent each team and both will be subject to a public vote via the Internet. The clip that accumulates the most votes will simply win.


We will keep you updated about the event.